christmas tree star topper with projector lights

It’s wired with some very nice color coded silicone wires that have heat shrink tubing on the ends, and there was even properly applied thermal compound between it and the heatsink. While you could argue that the ambient temperature this device is expected to operate in means that a robust cooling system might not be necessary, it’s hard to imagine how this arrangement is expected to do much of anything. These LED multi color C6 lights are designed to stay cool to the touch while you use them, and they’re designed for a steady glow while on. While digging deeper into the projector, I was surprised to find that the small power supply tucked between the cooling fan and the LED heatsink seemed to be… As predicted, the device contains an LED, some optics, and a small LCD for the light to pass through. The LCD panel is only 32×24, and each “pixel” is a dot approximately 0.5 mm in diameter. Originally I had hoped this teardown would end in the AppLights projector beaming out an image of our beloved Wrencher, but upon examination with the logic analyzer it appears that the collection of images and animations offered in the smartphone application are burned into the LCD controller, and the Bluetooth module is simply passing along the ID of what the user wants to show.

Selecting different options in the smartphone application. It feels more compact and lighter than most options and carrying it should, therefore, be much easier. The light produced by lasers is monochromatic (one color), and it will be contingent on the type of the gain medium, but you can combine a couple or more lasers to get the effect you want. If you’re confused on which type of hook is best for your home, scroll down to step six of this handy Lowe’s guide. Moreover, the projector is operated via remote, though the distance is somewhat limited (the specs state 65.5 feet, or 20 meters, but don’t go farther than 20 feet for best results). But don’t worry, because there’s an upside. That wouldn’t have been very interesting to the average hacker or maker a few years ago, after all, there’s only so much you can do with a string of twinkle lights. Some can even provide coverage for the entire house with beautiful Christmas lights and effects. There are Christmas light projectors that can display as many as 20 lighting effects or even more. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Find recent orders, do a return or exchange, create a Wish List & more. Try playing around with the sound controls. The rhythm and the projection speed of light can be adjusted with the help of speed controls. In practice this means the projector can only show three text characters at time. You can use it within a 24 hour time limit and if it does not satisfy your needs, you have a thirty day money back guarantee that is not provided by any nemesis of the brand. For example, you can tell Alexa to turn all the bulbs green, adjust the brightness or blink the lights in tune with music (played via Amazon Music, natch). Inside we found red, green, and blue lasers of considerable power, as well as all the optics and support hardware to get them running. Case in point, the “AppLights Personalized Projection” which I found sulking around the clearance section of the Home Depot a couple weeks back. Retailers are now gearing up for their next big selling season, which means right now clearance racks the world over are likely to be playing home to holiday lights and decor. Though one does wonder what advantage a battery powered holiday projector would even hold, given the fact that it would never need to be moved to begin with.

It even includes the aforementioned fan. To make matters worse, what appears to be a fan “grille” built into the case is in fact solid. It’s a separate removable module complete with its own plastic case, appears reasonably well constructed, has a fuse on the AC side, and unlike the power supplies in other cheap gadgets we’ve dissected, it’s actually mains isolated. With the pinout in hand, we can see from the traces that the TTC2541 module appears to be communicating with the black blob over I2C. With the AC side already pre-wired for you, this little module could be an excellent basis for a light duty bench power supply when paired with one of the popular DPS modules we’ve covered previously. Let’s see if the AppLights projector turns out to be a similar electronic cornucopia, and whether or not we’ve got a new Hackaday Holiday tradition on our hands. Hanging Christmas lights on your home and landscaping might be a holiday tradition, but it also takes a lot of time and energy to do correctly. The green light needs some time to warm up (fifteen to twenty minutes), but it gives off a stronger red light.