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Du liebst Toastbrot? Dann lass dir diese 4 Toast Rezepte nicht entgehen. Herzhafte Muffins, saftige Käse-Makkaroni-Toasts, knackige Toast-Würstchen oder süße Toast-Lollis - finde deinen neuen Liebling! Maybe take her temperature. She will cry real tears if you take away her dummy -. The company will now only display. If you can’t make out the pixels at all from where you’re standing, enlisting a hapless, well-sighted aide will work. What it is: A DIY kit to make your own cardboard guitar and amplifier to develop musicianship and knowledge of string instruments. Why we love it: This is such a lovely combination of hands-on craft kit with online video and tools to develop a love of music and instruments. Why we love it: Children are big fans of its squishy design and we like its screenless, intuitive controls – squeezing ears for volume control, tapping the side to skip tracks or fast forward – it’s a joy to use and children pick it up effortlessly. Set to play 30 minutes of calming music, volume controlled sound effects as well as soft lights. MFM tester Mackenzie, mum to Reuben, four, says: ‘This game is very well designed and perfect for children who love Peppa Pig.

Christmas background We love the muddy fun element at the centre of this game. What it is: A charming, plush avocado toy of two halves with a rattle ‘pit’ in the centre and a built-in loop and ring to attach it to various baby transport. Electricity sparks across two electrodes. What it is: An irresistibly cute lion teether with sore-gum-soothing bumps – made from antimicrobial silicone that kills germs within two hours. Five hours to assemble. It provides approximately five hours of play time and has a 10 metre range. There are 25 developmental activities, including five toys that clip onto the tray. There are over 265 quiz questions to test a players’ knowledge, learned from the cards. The 24-card pack, featuring ocean animals and over 180 facts, works with a downloadable app. There’s an illustrated adventure story, and colourful history booklet packed full of fun facts, as well as a craft activity and engaging puzzles. What it is: This fun and educational subscription box allows your child to travel back in history and solve a mystery. Why we love it: This innovative idea sees children receive a time machine each month – the first takes you back to Ancient Egypt, while other stops in history showcase Ancient Greece, the Victorians and WW2.

We love its portability and cute design. Noah loved the shape of the box and the design and got the rules really quickly. If you’ve got older toddlers, best christmas light projector these buckets may not keep them entertained for a huge amount of time. ‘It may be inevitable,’ says Professor Sparks. Nicola, MFM tester and mum of Keira, eight months, says the blocks were excellent for her daughter to play with. She says: ‘It has training wheels which can be changed to a big wheel when my daughter is ready. Daniella, MFM tester and mum of seven-month-old Archie, says: ‘This jumper does so many things in one, so you do not have to have loads of toys lying around, which is a must for me as I have a small sitting room. He’s currently exploring different toys, and this was perfect for him to feel, shake around and have a little chew on. Bright and engaging, they feature jolly smiley animal faces on their sides and cute little handles. The fun zoo patterns are great to use for entertainment and teaching animal noises too. Why we love it: Sometimes the simple toys are the best, and that’s certainly the case with these fun bathtime buckets from Skip Hop Zoo.

Why we love it: We love how soft and padded it is. Why we love it: This camera is perfect for little budding photographers with its easy to use functions and the fact it takes high resolution images and video. Why we love it: It has a much longer lifespan than your average bouncer, so it really works hard for its slightly higher price tag, making it our Gold award winner. Usually this mode offers even longer lamp life, but this ramping up and down of the light might be visible. What it is: A super soft otter that moves up and down in a rhythmic motion to mimic breathing and help soothe your baby. Why we love it: This colourful puzzle will help children’s fine motor control and hand-eye coordination, while helping them learn about the letters of the alphabet in English, French, German and Italian. Usually the one called something like Movie, Cinema or Theater will deliver the best, most accurate picture. Like TVs most have picture mode settings like Sports, Movies or Vivid.