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Lindsay, MFM reviewer and mum to Evelyn, age four, says: ‘My daughter loved it. Lindsay, MFM tester and mum to Aaliyah, age three, appreciates how adaptable the bike is too. Emma, mum to Archie, age five, says: ‘Who says dolls aren’t for boys? Emma, MFM reviewer and mum to Erin, age four, says: ‘My daughter is a doll girl. A doll like this would be a main Christmas present type gift. Measuring 90cm in height, this snowflake will make a statement addition to your outdoor light display so all you need is a snowy Christmas. Snowflake projector light: Projected pattern is white snowflake. The projector head is 180° adjustable. This indoor light projector has 4 colors that can be used singularly or in combination with each other to get your desired effect. However you use it, your new holiday light projector is guaranteed to be a hit. Why we love it: Children are big fans of its squishy design and we like its screenless, intuitive controls – squeezing ears for volume control, tapping the side to skip tracks or fast forward – it’s a joy to use and children pick it up effortlessly. He was straight on it – using his feet to move him along, quite fast actually, but he always managed to keep his balance.

What it is: An ultra-lightweight balance bike with front suspension, the option of an extra stability wheel, a front mud guard and an adjustable seat and handlebar. The bike is extremely lightweight. There’s an illustrated adventure story, and colourful history booklet packed full of fun facts, as well as a craft activity and engaging puzzles. You can also add your own content – a story, song or message, christmas window projector for up to 90 minutes. Adding your own content is another special addition. My three-year-old son loved this doll. What it is: A 34cm onesie-wearing doll with moveable arms and legs, who is sick and needs taking care of. A lovely way for children to stay connected to loved ones who maybe live further away. Why we love it: This is a creative, tactile and soft toy for a newborn, with lovely details and understated charm. Why we love it: These lovely soft toys are perfect for little Toy Story fans. Why we love it: OK, so hands up: we first thought these dolls, with their over-sized heads and enormous eyes, were a bit yuk.

Why we love it: This new product from the X Factor range takes the interactive karaoke fun to the next level as the cube contains its own disco lights and two microphones. Why we love it: Mums and dads loved our gold award-winning projector Cody the Crab as much as their babies, with testers praising the soothing sounds and beautiful projections – it’s so hypnotic, you might have a job not falling asleep, too! Your baby cries, as babies do, and you need to work out why she is sad. You can also use Lion to help baby get used to brushing their new pearly whites. What it is: A charming, plush avocado toy of two halves with a rattle ‘pit’ in the centre and a built-in loop and ring to attach it to various baby transport. It’s a learning toy which will teach them the safety of knives and how to chop up food. It is a worthy winner of this year’s MFM Toy Awards Best Toy for Role Play category as it really gets kids involved. MFM tester Nikita, mum of Logan, three, says: ‘Wow mum’ ­­- that was my son’s initial reaction when he saw this product.

But then we saw our child testers collectively lose their hearts to these onesie-clad wailing wonders, and we changed our minds completely. Samantha, MFM tester and mum to 18-month-old Ethan, says: ‘The utter joy on my son’s face when he saw it and rode it for the first time was amazing! Nicola, MFM tester and mum of Keira, eight months, christmas window projector says the blocks were excellent for her daughter to play with. Gemma, MFM tester and mum to Walter, four months, says her son’s face lights up when you give him the avocado. I had to carry out the extensive process of hanging fairy lights all around our house. The Snowfall Led lights will make your house look like it’s covered in snowflakes throughout all the Christmas season. It is the most fashionable decoration light with 16 patterns and red, green, and blue LED background to create a brighter night light show. StarTastic Laser light easy to set up. The GEEKERS Laser light projector is certified by FC, CE, FDA, and RoHS. The YINUO LIGHT laser lights are a superior unit that takes your home from dark to dazzling in less than five seconds.